About us

About Us

Tixonic is a pioneer in the field of LED Television, Wireless Music System, Power Bank, Mobile Charger, USB Cable, Washing Machine, JMG, Fans and other home appliance products with OEM & ODM with Tixonic Brand in India, Tixonic is an established market leader and trusted brand across the country with over years of experience. Tixonic is one of the best Electronics Designing & manufacturer in India & allied items has state-of-the-art, ISO,CE & ROHS Certified manufacturing facilities located in the states of Delhi. The entire range of products confirms to National and International Standards as well as commercial market demands. Tixonic has kept its promise of delivering superior quality and providing complete solutions to millions of homes in India. Tixonic is proud of its commitment to exacting standards in providing a total quality product and high level of service to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

TIXONIC are driven by an uncompromising commitment to quality and with a positive, can-do attitude we strive to exceed excellence by working under the able guidance of experts to ensure delivery of exceptional customer experience.

We are a company of diverse and dynamic individuals and backgrounds. Our team consists of unrivalled experts in marketing.
TIXONIC have primary values that are based on our vision and provide the foundation for everything we do. We are committed to innovation and excellence.

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